Love Notes

While I am not listed on any review sites, and respectfully request that you refrain from any public account of our time together, I do cherish love notes and thank-yous from longtime companions. Below are some of my favorite mementos from particularly unforgettable occasions, presented here for the benefit of interested new friends.

There are no words that express how much of a good time I had today. Although you probably know what I think of you by now, I still felt compelled to pointed it out in this email. I know it might be a little bit too much for just a date, but I thought I should say this, as a way for you to know how much I appreciated today. I was, when we first met, surprised by how you ooze charm and poise. However,  your most attractive asset is your truly lovely personality, which definitely stands out and makes being around you so much fun. Not only that, but you know how to make other have a good time, whether it is enjoying desert together, discussing horror films or kissing notebook-style . Needless to say, your contagious laugh really eased up my day. I’m glad we were able to spend most of the afternoon together, and I hope we meet again soon.

Thank you for a wonderful evening.  You are lovely and a pleasure to be around.  We are so glad to have met such a smart, sweet, fun person. We hope to see you soon! Thank you!!

I just wanted to say thank you for an amazing time together. You’re kind, smart and incredibly beautiful. But your overall consideration towards me as a person is what left a lasting impression. You asked me at a point the other night how it felt “to be feeling like myself again. ” Sharing a genuine moment with a beautiful woman made me really feel like myself. So for that, thank you to the moon and back. Xoxo

I am  grateful that our paths crossed. It was transcendentally intimate and fun! You are unique force of nature (my lips are slightly bruised..but I like it):):) See you soon.

Thanks again. You are a cool chick and I enjoyed our chill afternoon!

I just want to drop a quick note to thank you for a great lunch meeting and walk today. We still have a lot to chat about – what constitutes “good” country music, definitely elephants, more about film – we never got around to favorite movies – and whatever else suits our collective mood.  I would definitely love to get together for lunch again in a couple weeks.