About Me

Whatever you were expecting, nothing could have prepared you for her.

An extraordinary woman, tall and confident, eager to discuss Russian theatre, ancient history, political science, or modern art. A beautiful woman: remarkable hazel eyes, high cheekbones, warm undertones in her skin. You take her arm, and she smiles brilliantly. In that instant, it feels as though the two of you are already old friends. An unforgettable woman.

Over dinner, you’re charmed by her wit, the mischievous twist of her full lips, by the scope and depth of her unpretentious intellect. By a bold, sonorous voice, crisp consonants and round vowels the product of musical training. Her breezy laughter rings out, and you find yourself startled by her insight, her uncommon empathy, by her magnetizing, honest gaze. This is a woman who sees you, who knows you. Who can understand you without judgement or prepossession. Just as you, unlike many, are able to understand her.

When she’s gone, she leaves behind a lingering memory: the taste of champagne, the softness of her hands. Her unique scent: roses, peppercorn, and something entirely her own.

Hello. My name is Eloise. Reach out; take my hand. And join me on a grand adventure.